My advice to youngsters who want to be Entrepreneurs.

  1. It’s much harder than you think and much harder than social media makes it seem and it’s also much easier than you think…confusing right? If you’re too much of a sensitive butterfly to hear lots of NO’s or deal with lots of fails, false starts and long hours then you might consider a different path and on the flip side with the right strategies and a good mentor, coach or consultant you can dramatically change your life in under a year in some cases.
  1. Decide from the get go why you want to be an Entrepreneur. Is it because you see people on Instagram driving a Lambo and it says #entrepreneur in their bio or do you genuinely want to build a business around solving a problem or living your passion. Either option is fine, it’s your life, but the strategies for each one are extremely different.
  2. We live in the era of “Is that the newest IPhone?” With the speed that technology advances it has made the “Newest” thing out “Old” in a matter of months. This makes it extremely hard to not have S.O.S (Shiny Object Syndrome). S.O.S can lead to eternal wheel spinning. There will always be something new, so pick a platform or technology and a skill you have and become an expert and profitable at it before moving on to what’s next.
  3. It’s somewhat easy to build a profitable business on one platform like Instagram. The problem is when they change the algorithm or rules(like they’re starting to) or people lose interest in it like Myspace(R.I.P). It takes a lot more work to maintain multiple forms of media but like anything else it’s good to be diversified, so if one platform shuts down or loses it’s influence you don’t lose your business.

This is just a short list of things to take into account. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at or just leave a comment.

Thank You!