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“Term limits, the report warned, can result in a “decline in civility” which has “reduced legislators’ willingness and ability to compromise and engage in consensus building.”

Please tell me that THAT is not happening right now. Nothing has gotten done for the past 7 and half years as the Republicans have done all they can to NOT “compromise and engage in consensus building”.

Instill term limits and outlaw lobbyists. The President should have ONE 6 year term. If you don’t have to run for reelection your policies will be more direct.

Senators should have TWO 6 year terms and Congressman should have SIX 2 year terms. A Senator cannot run for Congress and vice versa for Congressman after their terms are up.

SCOTUS members should sit on the court for no more than 18 years.

All campaigns are to be funded by the Government and an allotted amount of “air time” will be given each candidate for radio and television Ads. The FCC owns the air waves and each station will be mandated to provide time slots to candidates.

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