RiotCats Beta — Battle Feature Release!

RiotCats Beta is LIVE!

RiotCats is a post-apocalyptic world, where cats have to fight for their lives and endure hard times. You finally can start to build your own cat army on blockchain!

RiotCats Beta takes place on Kovan testing network, and you already can test all the essential features of the game. First, the marketplace and the auction is available for users to buy/sell/breed cats to test trading and breeding feature.

Moreover, we present you a separate marketplace with additional items: weapons, armour, and other equipment for your cat warriors.

And finally! The battle feature is live for testing! Players can fight other cats in PvP battles and gain experience for surviving the apocalypse. It’s time to build your super cat warriors and develop your battle skills!

It’s the very first version of the battle feature, so a lot to be improved soon. We hope to receive a lot of feedback from our early adopters to make a game better and most enjoyable to the official release on the main network, so feel free to reach out through the discord, telegram or our social media to report any bugs, give us your feedback and ideas about improving the game. Please, don’t hesitate to ask testing ETH.