Attention Riot-fans! There’s a brand new home for all your Riot news: our new blog is live at

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All future updates will appear on the new blog — we’ll look into migrating the old posts over from the blog in the fullness of time 😄.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Exciting news for Riot users today as New Vector (the company set up by the team behind Matrix & Riot to keep development going) has raised an additional $8.5M of funding in order to make Riot even better! 🎉

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The main areas of focus are going to be:

  • Simplifying the UX, aiming for user happiness
  • Finishing encryption cross-signing
  • Shipping end-to-end encryption by default for DMs
  • Much better support for grouping rooms into Communities
  • Canonical DMs (having one DM per user, and have them feel clearly distinct from ‘rooms’)
  • Threading
  • Continue optimising for privacy
  • Better integration with the Modular hosting platform

For full details go check out the coverage on the main blog and the official announcement over at

Riot Web 1.4.0 is out today (with Android and iOS to follow shortly), landing a range of enhancements and powerful new features to make sure you’re always informed and in control of how, when, where and why your data is processed.

Riot and Ancillary Services

As you probably already know, Riot runs atop Matrix and Matrix is a decentralised, federated instant messaging network.

What might be less obvious is that Riot/Matrix uses a range of services to provide all the features you’d expect from a traditional chat application, but in a decentralised, federated manner. If you’re using Riot to connect to the …

Our development team identified a security issue affecting all previous versions of the Matrix Android SDK and, by extension, any Android clients which use the Matrix Android SDK. This includes Riot Android (Google Play and F-Droid) and mini Vector.

The issue has been fixed in version 0.9.27 of the Matrix Android SDK and Riot Android 0.9.4

RiotX is not affected, nor are any Matrix clients on any other platform.

What is the issue?

Affected Matrix clients were incorrectly including the homeserver access token in requests made to the identity server (the separate service which lets users discover other Matrix users based on email address…

The wait is over, they’re finally here! Message editing and reactions are live on Riot Web (1.3), Riot iOS (0.9.1) and RiotX (0.1.0) on Android!

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It’s a cause for celebration — message editing & reactions have landed!

Message Editing

To err is human; to fix your errors before anyone notices, divine. Message editing in Riot lets you edit your messages after sending:

Attention Matrix fans! Modular has just announced public availabilty of their personal hosted homeservers! Starting at $10/month for a 5-user server, they’re speedy, they’re reliable, and just like their larger cousins come with a custom-branded Riot Web instance and can be used with your existing domain name. And did I mentions there’s a one month free trial? What are you even waiting for!?

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If you want the performance and reliability of a dedicated Matrix instance without any hassle, Modular is an excellent way to get up and running. …

Hi all,

We’re incredibly excited to introduce the first ever public beta of RiotX on Android today!

RiotX is the codename for an entirely new Matrix Client built by the Riot/Android team, intended to replace Riot/Android in the relatively near future. RiotX is written in Kotlin rather than Java, and makes use of all the latest Android frameworks (all concepts introduced by jetpack/androidx) and best practices — particularly clean architecture, single source of truth for data and proper DB storage (Realm).

This means that the app should be roughly 6x faster for most operations than Riot/Android — particularly at start…

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Riot Web 1.2 has landed today, featuring all new emoji as we switch from emojione to twemoji.

Why the switch?

Some time ago, emojione made a change to their licensing that meant we couldn’t keep merging their updated emoji sets into Riot — as a result, our emoji support became pretty stale, with more recent glyphs rendering incorrectly or not at all (I’m looking at you, eye-in-speech-bubble 👁️‍🗨️).

We chose Twitter’s twemoji because it provides a comprehensive, actively maintained set of suitably-licensed, eye-catching emoji, and because the good people at Mozilla have packaged it as a very convenient font. …

Riot Web 1.1 is here! The Riot Web devs have been hard at their craft, landing functional and aesthetic upgrades to timeline scrolling, registration, room preview, receiving invitations and image upload.

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Frustration-free registration

Regular readers of this blog mightn’t have experienced Riot’s registration UX recently, but 1.1 lands a crucial (and long-overdue) enhancement — clear and timely form feedback:

Hi all,

After the security incident at, we have decided to publish a new Android app on the Google Play Store out of an abundance of caution.

The fresh app is still called but internally it has a different application identifier ( Because of this new id, the new app appears in Google Play as a completely different application. This also prevents an automatic update from the old to the new application.

(Google unexpectedly removed the new app from the Play Store on April 25th between 13:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC; they haven’t given us any details…

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