The Right Part for the Right Need

Every piece of heavy duty construction equipment relies on crucial parts to function safely and effectively, so they must be made of quality materials and designed to endure extreme operating conditions. Compact crawler loaders and excavators are examples of equipment that rely on Premium Rubber Tracks to operate efficiently on uneven terrain such as sand, gravel, and loose turf. They have to fit properly, provide the necessary traction, and have a cost-effective service life value.

Here are a few basic considerations to think about when choosing Premium Rubber Tracks over standard tracks:

PROPER FIT — Always confirm the size and fit specifications of your machines original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Remember: Minor differences in numbers and letters can mean BIG problems after installation, so be sure.

PROPER TRACTION — Choose a tread pattern that allows the most effective use of your machine in the terrain it will be operating in. Ask your supplier about tread options.

INTERNAL STRUCTURE — There are tracks made with steel internal banding, and those made with other internal materials and fabricating techniques. Ask your supplier which ones they supply.

WARRANTIES — Most rubber tracks come with a standard warranty regarding factory defects, but always ask your supplier about any other additional warranties they may offer.

There are many online resources that specialize only in Premium Rubber Tracks, but some suppliers such as Rio Rubber Track Inc. add more value by offering a variety of additional related parts such as Solid Rubber Tires, and Track Pads for a better one-stop shopping experience.

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