How to control a fan to cool the CPU of your RaspBerryPi
Edoardo Paolo Scalafiotti

Hi thankyou firstly im nearly getting there… ive a fan a script but a problem… can seem to get the sleep function to work the fan will burn out if it sits around the activate temperature … the fan is coming on after a second or too going off because it is cooling the chip.. the sleep function i believe is meant to stop the script reading the temperature too often… ive set it to 30 seconds but it doesnt seem to work.. running in consol the script is reporting a temperature evey second ?

i dont mind the fan running for a few minutes after it get below the cook temperature.. am i wrong in thinking the sleep function should do this

and finally …. thanks its been fun popping wires here and there and modifying the code etc :)

help on the fan off issue would be a help :)

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