Now, throw it away.

A while ago, I set myself a massive project that at the time seemed doable. There’s nothing wrong with setting ambitions to high even if they seem dam right absurd. Yes, I’m taking about the Round Ireland Swim.

So, I began the process of converting a project from a flutter of excitement into something more tangible. Slowly things began to mould together and something’s did not. Support and scrutiny flooded in and still I persisted learning an awful lot in the process.

As time ticked away, I began to appreciate that maybe the project was out of my league. Work and travel began to devour most of my time and for a while, I forgot about the project. I was preoccupied with family, work, and other plans. There was a catalogue of priorities so the Round Ireland Swim basically took a nosedive. I discussed the issue with sponsors and friends and although support was evident, I was hesitant that I could set aside the money to reach the heavy budget to pull of the Round Ireland Swim.

So, I began to look at ways to salvage something from a plan that was too big. Circumstances change, your focus drifts and you seem to spend a lot of time scratching your head. I managed to pull through on the Kenmare River Swim and during a short break to Gozo I stumbled on a notice that aroused another idea, an idea that is beginning to blossom. It’s a measured step in the right direction, which allows me to continue to move forward and develop. Work fits in well with my plans, and I can save the pennies needed to fulfil my compulsion to get out there and do stuff.

So, I have decided to scrub the Round Ireland Swim plans totally. So, I made plans that didn’t come to fruition. So what, so sue me! There’s no point in dwelling on stuff so I’ll bin it and move on. Perhaps at some point in the future circumstances will change and I will find the time to slot in the missing pieces and give it a good try. Who can say? Until such time, I can still submerge my mass in water and swim or dive to seek out that unquenchable thirst for adventure. I have a few ideas to chew over, all well within my capabilities, so I have enough to keep my sidetracked mind busy.

Maybe great things come in small packages, who knows?

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