WTF is RIP NFTs!?!?

What’s up, dead heads! We wanted to update you on RIPNFTs and what’s been happening behind the scenes!

Ya’ll know that crypto and the NFT markets have gone down the drain. The bear market has brought up a lot of uncertainty, and even the blue-chip collections have suffered massive drops in their floor prices. But realistically, NFTS ARE DEAD AF!

This lead a lot of degen collections to start pumping. Projects like Goblintown, Saudis, GodHatesNFT etc. have started a new free mint NFT meta wave. While it was fun and exciting initially, it soon became clear that the market got flooded with low-quality degen derivative collections.

Bear market + flood of Sh*tty Degen collections = RIPNFTs

While everyone on Twitter was flipping free mint NFTs they were also shouting that the NFT market was dead. Thus, RIPNFTs was born.

We wanted to lighten up the mood and launch a parody meme collection with a backwards roadmap to prove the industry wrong!

2022 is the year when NFTs died, which is reflected in our 2022 RIPNFT collection size. This collection is for all the lighthearted degens who are still around! Though it might not be the best time in the markets, we are still here. You are still here — and that’s what matters the most!

Most of you know that we are founders of another project. However, we decided to go full anon for this one and wanted to have some fun and give back to a broader NFT community. We did this as an absolute free mint with all expenses paid by the founders. We’ve collaborated with over 70 projects before we minted and have been going strong with an absolute epic community running spaces and believing in the brand we are building. (We’ve also got locked out of our main Twitter account, so bear with us while we get it back.)

Overall, it has been an incredibly fun ride thus far, and we’ve seen lots of awesome individuals in this space shaping NFT markets. We’re bullish on our community so keep your eyes peeled for more details on our upcoming collection. More details are coming soon!

Until then, GET DEAD!



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