Privacy Policy

Jan 26, 2018 · Unlisted

Last update: February 6, 2018

We don’t and won’t sell your data to anyone. In fact, we don’t even store data worth selling or sharing. We only store the minimal information we need to enable certain features (e.g. to be able to send you Push Notifications).


Rippple is a Trakt client. As such, it needs to make a lot of requests to the Trakt API. This includes requests to fetch the content you’ll read on screen and the content you share with the community. We recommend that you read Privacy Policy to see what they can do with your data.

Push Notifications

In order to be able to send you Push Notifications (Subscribers only), we need to send some information to our servers. The information we send is transported securely and the information is stored securely.

This information has only one purpose: for us to be able to link your trakt username with the push identifier we receive from Apple to be able to send you the notification.

We also store some information about the version of the app you are using to be able to make smart choices when formatting the notification.

All information regarding push notifications will be removed from any storage when you delete Rippple from your device.

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