There is something extraordinary happening in the world
Gustavo Tanaka

Really enjoyed this!

Alongside the new economy, the old economy is slowly strangling itself. TBTF banks in the USA are now 80% larger than when they failed in 2008. Many industries that were “disrupted” by the Internet are finding themselves bifurcated — for example, the “core music industry” — the one the Internet supposedly destroyed, is actually more centralized than ever and reaping huge profits. Similar effects can be found in publishing (ie Conde Nast).

But this all happens alongside the new economy, which is growing orthogonally to the old system. Cryptocurrency, microlending, and crowdfunding are beginning to seep into new markets underserved by traditional finance. Internet music distribution is seeping in alongside the giant labels and radio ogligopolies. And obviously micropublishing platforms like Medium are competing side-by-side against traditional publishers.