Japan 2017 — Part 1, Nature

I’m back from my annual pilgrimage to Japan — this time a two week trip visiting family, road tripping through southern Japan, learning about Shogi and Sumo, and eating too much. This is part 1 of 4 of a photo series.

Last time we traveled there, we realized the value of hiring a car to get to further afield destinations and we took the same approach time time. Shortly after arriving, we were on an internal flight out of Haneda to Fukuoka. This is a beautiful seaside city is part of Kysushu, one of the four main islands (and most SW) that make up Japan. I’m always impressed by the number of Japanese people I know who describe Kyushu as an ideal place to live — with its food, natural beauty, historic shrines and numerous onsens being cited as some of the main reasons. These were also our motivations for choosing this as the destination too. Our trip looked something like this:

For more info on the places we hit up in our Kyushu trip, head over to my Pinterest board which I used to plan this. Here’s some of my favourite photos from this part of our trip, all in honor of the natural beauty of this wondrous part of Japan.

Sunset over rice fields, Yufuin
Takachiho Gorge. One of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve been anywhere.
Bamboo. Up in the hills of Yufuin
Tree root, Found on a “100 Buddha hike” in the hills of Futago-ji temple near Oita
Chinoike Jigoku or “blood pond hell”. One of the most well known and photogenic onsens in Beppu, which is famed for its volcanic activity.
Onsen at one of the Ryokan’s we were fortunate to stay in. This one (unlike the previous example) is used as a public bath
Small waterfall or “taki” near Takachiho Gorge



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