Hello, is this Mr. Ripul Agarwal?

I am at the bus stop (old street, London) when I get a call from a ‘private number’. I pick up the phone:

Caller: Oh Hi, is this Mr. Ripul Aagarwul? (it’s agarwal btw)

Me: Yes.

Caller: Hello, I am calling from so and so. Is it a good time to talk with you?

Me: I am in a bit of a hurry but if it’s regarding an opportunity you may have, I won't be interested as I am not looking actively right now.

Caller: Oh, that’s fine. We are a London based recruitment firm specialising in M&A, Boutiques and PE. I have an interesting opportunity that fits your profile quite well. What if I email you the details just to have a look?

Me: I am sorry, I am actually working on my own start-up so not looking for a job in this space anytime soon.

Caller: Startup sounds fantastic, would you know someone who maybe interested in this opportunity? I can perhaps send you the information to look into.

Me: (Now clearly frustrated but wait..) Actually you are from so and so right?

Caller: Yes (?)

Me: Great! You guys have some great relationship with senior to MD level directors at Boutiques and PE funds.

Caller: Yes of course (obviously duh!)

Me: Of Course, can you connect me with those who maybe interested in investing in a great opportunity (in a tech startup) that may fit their profile quite well?

Caller: (Confused) I am not sure if we do such a thing.

Me: Me neither.

Phone beeps. Disconnected. Bloody agents. No offence. True story.

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