Kitesurfing is an awesome sport of sailing standing up on a surfboard while being pulled along by a large kite. Luana was a total kitesurfing beginner, until she gave it a try through WN and got hooked! Now she joins 1.5 million kitesurfers out on the water most weekends, and can be found honing her technique at sites all over the UK. We thought she’d be a great spokesperson for the activity.
Luana, you love kitesurfing so much! What’s so great about it?

Have you ever dreamt of flying? Then you know what the draw of kitesurfing is! I love getting out on the board at the weekend and literally leaving all the pressure of work behind by getting into the water.

It’s also great to travel around and see the stunning beaches we have hidden all along our coastline in the UK. We’re really lucky to have a such a beautiful, unique landscape well supported for Kitesurfing!

But what if you have no experience?

I fell in love with kitesurfing so quickly because the progression is so fast — after two weekends of practice I was up, jumping through the waves and even trying out some flips and spins. This is not unique to me, as the old saying in the kitesurfing community goes, ‘the only difference between a beginner and a pro is one week’!

There are lots of different packages for those who want to hit the water straight away. Whether you’re interested in some laid-back wave riding, learning to free ride with aerial tricks, or want to move on to speed racing, there are bespoke experiences and guides for all levels.

Can UK really offer some great Kitesurfing experiences or I should go somewhere else in Europe?

Yes! There are some amazing spots for kitesurfing in the UK! Kitesurfers travel from all over Europe to get a taste of it in UK in fact. My personal favourite is [Camber Sands] on the East Sussex coastline, a huge, flat, sandy beach just an hour and a half from central London. If you’re looking for a craggy coastal view, Devon and Cornwall are both great bets, or you could make a trip of it and try out Tiree, a tiny but beautiful island in the inner Hebrides.

We want to learn to fly. How much does it usually cost?

You should expect a starting price of around [£Price], with an average of [£Price].

Several guides will offer totally bespoke activities, whether you need 1-on-1 coaching or just a buddy in the water.

These vary in price, so check out the different packages offered at Wilderness Now as their guides cover all costs (including boards and training), which is very handy.

You can purchase your own board, harness, and/or kite before you get started. The whole kit can be less than £500 if you think this is something you’ll want to pursue regularly, and it will save you money quite quickly. Check out Kitesurf Warehouse or the Facebook group for discounted and second-hand equipment.

Thanks for the pro info! How long does one spend at the beach to get the most out of this activity?

You could easily make a day trip out of it. I would recommend starting with a weekend session to get your skill level up to scratch, and then you’re free to drive out the beach whenever the wind calls you!

How does it work in terms of training and actual activity?

A session with a company might take a group of beginners for team training, teaching you how to stand, jump, and relaunch your kite in the water. An individual Guide will be open to whatever you want to learn — you could be flipping by Sunday afternoon.

This could be you!

It would be great to meet some other beginners or kitesurf buddies — any suggestions?

There are several online forums and communities where you can see posts about day trips, find a carpool, or even borrow equipment. Have a look at KiteCrowd, or one of the many Facebook groups.

You can try out a live chat on Slack or Intercom with the Wilderness Now expert if you have any burning questions, or just want to get started right away!

People would want to make a whole weekend out of it. Where should we look at for good accommodation options?

It depend on where you decide to go. There are loads of beach campsite and caravan parks if you’re down to get back to nature. Camber has severaloptions, or neighbouring town Rye is known for its quaint B&Bs if you’d rather have some home comforts!

If you’re heading further afield, Devon has self-catering Airbnb options with amazing views.

Hare & Hounds. Country cottage @airbnb

Tiree manages accommodation from a central booking site. A number of guides will include accommodation in their packages if you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience. (link)

There are so many specialists for kitesurfing. Do you have any guide recommendations?

All of Wilderness Now guides are amazing at what they do and you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic time! The best way to narrow it down is first by location, and then think about what kind of experience you want to have — basic wave riding? More challenging freestyle? Or some speed training?

So based on your experience, when should we be booking our weekend away?

The key to amazing kitesurfing is wind, wind and wind. Which is why, UK is perfect for this activity! You’ll be able to kitesurf any month you choose, but spring and autumn are best for strong winds, summer is best for warm weather, and winter is great for a wild ride. The cost will be roughly the same whenever and wherever you go.

Some videos to show that any season is kitesurfing season :)

Can I make a weekend trip out of it to come back in time for work on Monday?

The beauty of the UK is that you can only be, at the very most, 70 miles from the sea. You could drive out for a weekend, spend two full days in the water, and even drive back into work Monday morning. The only preparation you need to do is picking a weekend!

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