Gaby Galban at Florida State University

Highlighting women talent.

In the recent years, we have seen a huge change in how we communicate using social media. The influence that young people can have with the power of the Internet is unprecedented. Old media such as television and magazines are being pushed aside for social media, and the model industry is being challenged by influencers on Instagram.

However, social media still is filled with women that are popular just because they’re beautiful. That’s not only sending the wrong message for young girls, but it can very stressful for them as well. Since that’s not how the real world works or the metrics on how happy people account for success.

So I’m traveling around my home state of Florida to look for my version of female role models for the next generations, photographing and presenting them to the world through social media. The women that I’m selecting are beautiful students role models that are working towards successful careers. As well as beautiful women leaders and entrepreneurs doing interesting business & non-profit projects.

If you are interested in being photographed and featured on the @rirod180 channels, submit the application or share this link with someone who you consider a female role model in your life.

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Samantha Ambros at the University of West Florida