My Journey of Shrimp Keeping

People may not believe but for some reason I found shrimp keeping as the easiest thing in this fish keeping hobby. I started this tank with some left over ADA soil and trimmed plants from my other tanks. Only bought two cholla woods and two moss balls for this tank.

A Nerite Snail saying Hello to the RCS

It is almost 7 months since I put 5 pairs of Fire Red Shrimp, 5 pairs of Orange Shrimp and 3 pairs of Dark Blue Shrimps. But now I understand that it was a mistake! Because the shrimplets are of different colors and some are absolutely colorless. If I have kept only a single color in the tank then most of them would have the same color now. Whatever there are now more than 70 shrimps and considering the jungle of plants it is quite difficult to count.

I have started an experiment with this tank. For last one and half months the shrimps were given no food at all! And they are quite happy and still growing in number. This is because of the heavy plantations and moss. There are java moss and Christmas moss in the tank. Started with a single or two branches of moss and see how they have grown over time! Lots of snails are there as well and I found it quite beneficial. Frequently I crash a few of them and the shrimps eat the crushed snails quite happily.

Obviously it is a low tech tank with no CO2, chiller or high light. All the plants are low tech and pearls heavily in moderate lights. Tank size 12X12X12 (measured in inch). And one more thing to add. I have faced algae issues in my high tech planted tank several times but in 7 months I have never faced anything severe or moderately severe in this low tech shrimp tank!

Last image is taken today. The previous ones are taken at different times. I have stopped trimming as well for last one and half months. Let’s unleash the jungle!


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