How to be more optimistic and conquer your negativity

Being optimistic is essential for personal growth.

Nothing can save you from a lack of it.

It is an outlook on life that will result in failure and misery.

Those that voluntarily bear this perspective, accept the consequences of it.

And the consequences are not pretty.

Pessimism can infect all facets of your life.

Relationships, health, business etc.

It will eventually seep into your successes.

And your successes will turn to failures.

They will take on the form of your attitude.

There is very little you can do to stop it when you are in a negative mindset.

You can’t outwork it.

That’s because it follows you everywhere.

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Are you a glass half full or glass half empty person?”

An age old expression.

That’s for a good reason though.

It has stood the test of time.

This is because it explains one essential ingredient to success.

Optimism; the glass is always half-full.

Never be the glass half-empty person.

No one likes that person.

And I guarantee that you don’t like them either.

You should never give up hope.

Even when the enemies are at the gates and you are surrounded.

Even when the odds are stacked against you.

That is still no cause for giving up.

In fact, when your back is against the wall is exactly the time when you need to be optimistic.

If you are not optimistic in yourself then who will be?

Maybe your mother and your partner.

That’s about it.

If you are always looking at situations in a negative light then you are doomed.

Doomed to a life of unfulfilled potential.

A lack of optimism shows a clear lack of gratitude.

People have had it much tougher than you .

They still managed to make the most of what they had.

We live in the most peaceful and prosperous time that anyone has ever lived in.

It’s by no means perfect but you need to have perspective.

The average life expectancy in the Roman Empire was 35 years.

Refusing to acknowledge and appreciate what you have to be thankful for will not end well.

Optimism isn’t delusion

Being optimistic doesn’t mean you should be deluded.

However, you may seem deluded to people who just don’t get it.

It’s not a magic pill.

It is a necessary component of winning, however.

There is still a need to be grounded in reality.

But I imagine that those who achieve colossal feats of success have little cause for what most view as’ reality’.

If someone says they can’t do something?

They prove them wrong and smile while doing it.

The reality is that most people have a limited idea of what is possible.

They have no idea just what heights they can reach.

Set yourself small limits and you will sell yourself short.

I understand that life can knock you back, like with the loss of loved one for example.

It’s extremely hard.

If nothing of this magnitude has happened then why are you being pessimistic?

How can I be more optimistic?

You need to believe in yourself and what you represent.

If you have trust in yourself and what you bring to the table then you have no reason to be negative.

If you don’t at the moment then then that’s OK.

You will soon.

It just means at present you have a whole lot to work on.

Even if you have to start from nothing, you can still be in a drastically better position a year from now.

That’s because most people aren’t willing to put in the work.

But if you are not one of those people, then you will go far.

Focus on daily self-improvement and improving the lives of others.

You may not see the reasons to be optimistic but believe me and everyone else who says it; there is.

Those that continue to be negative after reading this have only themselves to blame.

The world can be as incredible as you make it.

You have the power to make it that way.

Be optimistic, go out and kick ass.

Medical conditions which stop you from being being positive such as depression are a different story.

Originally published at on May 19, 2017.