My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Journey So Far

(This is an article from my new website please check it out! Thank you.)

I’ve always admired martial artists for their speed and brutish elegance. To be able to neutralise a threat with minimal violence was extremely appealing to me. I am an active person having participated in many fields sports such as soccer but when I got to university I wanted to try something new and exciting.

(This is an article from my new website please check it out! Thank you.)

After some research I decided Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the right one for me. It was recommended to me for the self defence aspect and its ability to competitively spar with low chance of injury.

Training BJJ

Once the first training session was finished I was hooked. No amount of heavy gym sessions could save me from an experienced fighter half my size. This is something extremely humbling which I loved. The adrenaline rush of sparring is something I haven’t felt before, it felt primal like it was a part of my psyche that hadn’t been stimulated until now. I felt a rush of endorphins all through my body like it had long been starved of physical combat.

The ability for two men to try to get the tap on other for 5 straight minutes of intensity and then be able to shake hands after is admirable. There was a great sense of comradery that I never experienced with other sports. Everyone shook hands with each other after, it was very masculine. All egos were left at the door and when you went in there you were just a man trying to hone his skills.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like learning any new skill when you first begin it feels like learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. Initially the body can’t do what you want it to do and you feel extremely clumsy. Everyone was once a white belt so they are happy to show you the basics as they were once shown .

There is a strong sense that when you know a valuable skill then you should share it with everyone else as that will improve the standard in training and thus improve you further; synergistic effect. Everyone was once a white belt so they are more than happy to show you the basics as they were once shown.

Starting BJJ was a great step forward in my goal to improve my self. I had notched up 11 sessions but then a stupid decision to play football cost me to take 5 weeks out of the game. They say it is an addicting sport to which I only fully grasped once I was forced to sideline myself.

Try Out Something New

BJJ is fantastic conditioning for the whole body system. There are massive amounts of coordination, flexibility, balance and speed required. Get good at BJJ and you’ll also reap the physical prowess rewards as well. There are also great requirements of mental fortitude if you want to succeed. To be able to keep a calm head while in a tense bout and to be humble while getting repeatedly tapped. It takes a strong character to be successful at BJJ after talking to many experienced competitors.

Everyone should be able to defend themselves and BJJ can help you do that.

Tomorrow I return to try to improve on where I left off. On ward and upward, always moving forward.