PRESS RELEASE — New Acting Attorney General Whitaker Has a Conflict of Interest & Must Not Oversee Mueller Investigation — A Coalition of NYC Activists are Taking to the Streets to Protest

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Date: Thursday, November 8th, 2018
Time: 5:00PM
Place: Times Square — Father Duffy Statue (at 46th Street)
Details: Protest Donald Trump’s Interference in the Mueller Investigation
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New Acting Attorney General Whitaker Has a Conflict of Interest & Must Not Oversee Mueller Investigation — A Coalition of NYC Activists are Taking to the Streets to Protest

Activists Take to the Streets After Trump Attacks the Rule of Law

NEW YORK — A coalition of grassroots organizations in New York City is gathering Thursday, November 8, at 5:00pm in Times Square to protest Donald Trump’s interference in the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the 2016 election and related crimes by Trump campaign officials and associates.

Trump’s decision to install a loyalist Attorney General who has openly denigrated the Mueller investigation is a deliberate attempt to obstruct the Special Counsel’s investigation, which has already produced dozens of indictments and convictions in its effort to uncover whether there was coordination between the President and the Russian government during the 2016 election campaign. Trump’s attempt to obstruct the investigation represents a constitutional crisis.

New Yorkers will gather at Times Square this evening to demand Congress hold the President accountable and remind President Trump that he is not above the law. The President may have fired the Attorney General, but he can’t fire the truth.

“Donald Trump may attempt to install cronies to interfere in the Mueller investigation and subvert the rule of law, but the Constitution is stronger than Donald Trump, democracy is stronger than Donald Trump, and the people are stronger than Donald Trump,” said Andy Ratto, a member of Rise and Resist, and one of the protest organizers. “We will be out in the streets fighting back until we stop him.”

“The timing here is not a coincidence,” said Shannon Stagman, a member of Empire State Indivisible. “Donald Trump acted while we were still embroiled in midterm elections because he wanted to catch us off guard. But we’re always ready to rise up and defend the rule of law.”

Activists will meet on Thursday at 5 pm in Times Square, and then will be marching down 7th Avenue and 14th Street to Union Square, where speakers and musicians will speak from 6:45 till 8:00pm.

These are our demands:

The Nobody Is Above the Law coalition demands that Whitaker immediately commit not to assume supervision of the investigation;

We demand that the independent investigation continue under the Special Counsel’s office;

We demand that the House Judiciary Committee immediately begin hearings into abuse of power and obstruction of justice by President Trump;

We demand that the Senate create a Watergate-type Select Committee to conduct a broad investigation of the Russia scandals and of Trump’s obstruction of the criminal investigation into these matters.

About Us

We are coalition of groups, including

Rise and Resist
Public Citizen
Empire State Indivisible
Get Organized Brooklyn
Indivisible Nation BK
Action Group Network
Upper West Side MoveOn/Indivisible ActionGroup
March For Truth
Action and Empathy
Common Defense
National Organization for Women-New York City
LIC Coalition
NW Bronx Indivisible Group
Indivisible of RVC
Caring for Us Indivisible
Indivisible UES
Brooklyn Persists
United Thru Action
Empire State Progressives
Indivisible 330
Dem Bones
Persist 81
Lawyers For Good Government
Pantsuit Nation — NY chapters
Four Freedoms Democratic Club

The local New York City coalition is part of a broader national coalition of organizations. More information is at

We stand united in our commitment to the rule of law.