Rise Housing: Roadmap Update - April 2018

April 2018 was a groundbreaking month for decentralized real estate, and tremendous headway was made by leading property tokenization organization, Rise Housing.

Rise Housing tokens (RSE) saw a dramatic increase in value as the total supply was reduced from 100 Billion to 1 Billion;

Rise partnered with DeedCoin, a real estate company with a network of agents in over 150 US cities, to help real estate consumers benefit from their disruptive technology in a seamless way. Customers transacting applicable properties through DeedCoin will now be given the offer of tokenizing their estate with Rise Housing alongside traditional sale options;

Rise launched their PreICO, which currently offers RSE tokens to investors with a 40% bonus, giving early birds an opportunity to own 40% more equity in Rise Housing’s tokenized properties.

Rise has made incredible progress already this year, and a look at their ambitious roadmap for the next 18 months shows that they are only just getting started.

Roadmap (May 2018-July 2019)

May-June 2018

The Rise team is currently focusing their efforts on promoting the PreICO and sharing the Rise Housing social mission with as many people as possible. Monika Proffitt, the CEO, will be pitching the Rise Housing business at the Collision tech conference in New Orleans on May 2nd to a panel of leading tech moguls and an audience of almost 20,000 attendees.

Rise is also planning series of bounties and promotions that should increase the company’s visibility by orders of magnitude over the coming weeks.

The PreICO will conclude at the end of May, and the full ICO will launch on June 1st at which time Rise will begin the distribution of RSE tokens. 
 July-August 2018

During the summer, the Rise team will be hard at work developing the Rise Housing platform and all associated features including custom smart contracts and the Rise Wallet. They aim to have the Rise Marketplace fully functional by the time the ICO closes in August.

October 2018-March 2019

In October, Rise will roll out their first portfolio of tokenized real estate assets on the Rise platform, and users will be able to start purchasing equity shares in individual properties. The team will spend the winter and spring creating strategic partnerships and acquiring new properties to expand the real estate assets available on the Rise Marketplace.

July 2019

Next July, the Rise team will concentrate their efforts on scaling the trading of Rise Tokens and making them more accessible to everyone. This means getting RSE onto major exchanges and implementing ways to buy RSE tokens directly from fiat currency.

By 2022, Rise aims to be the leading real estate asset token platform with 5% of the global market and $8,000,000,000 ($8B) in trading volume.