Emanate Rep Application.

Hello, A bit about me & why I think you should consider voting for me as an Emanate rep.
My name is Jerry Lenus aka Riseofkingfresh. I was born in Haiti, raised in St. Maarten, and currently reside in the Rhode Island. I speak English, Haitian Creole, and little French.
I’ve always been fascinated by computer technology.

I stumble onto crypto back in 2016 helping a friend purchase an IPTV subscription. BTC was $520 a coin at the time, unfortunately I din’t understand bitcoin .
1 year later while researching and exploring the crypto world, watching countless videos & scrolling through white papers, I came across Eos and then the rest was history. Eos is a game changer.
Similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin, but eosio might be the biggest yet.

Not long after Eos main net launched, Emanate announcement they would be building on the Eos platform. I knew I had to be a part of this movement: TECH & music, sign me up.

Emanate truly represents equal opportunities, transparency, & Pay for Everyone. If you’re an artist or involved in music in anyway and you’re not on Emanate, you will be missing out. I believe without music many connections become impossible, so I am determined to contribute to the future of music which is Emanate.

Lately I’ve been in this galaxy of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, mainly eosio which has opened a gateway to what may be WEB 3.0. While still in its genesis, don’t underestimate it’s power. EOSIO is becoming the multiverse & moving at the speed of photons. I used this blockchain everyday for the past year, and still my hunger grows daily to learn more about this technology.
Like most Eos holders, I was excited for the next “air drop”, I had no idea the communities & opportunities this would bring.

I put together a simple PDF Early Bird Artist Registration guide on May 28, 2019 and began email artists. I wanted to share the power of Emanate and ease the learning curve. 12 days prior to the Emanate Music Co-operative announcement.

I will continue one on one calls helping create Eos accounts and all the necessary requirements for both artists & users.

So far, I am happy to say I’ve been in communication with 7 artists / groups. 3 have signed up for the Alpha Artist Registration, 2 are already in the Emanate discord group. https://discord.gg/68X8f5N

@esaietouze24#5195 (S.Touze) & @jbthewaterbearer#8791 (Joe Bruce The Waterbearer) stop by and go give their music a listen. I’ve been enjoying music from DJs & artists like @lorenzo pistolesi#9913 (Lorenzo Pistolesi)

In closing I would like to thank The Emanate team for the opportunity to REP Emanate, and everyone in the Emanate discord group for being a part of history. please vote for me. @ https://emanate.canny.io/pilot-reps

I would also like to apply for the EMT rep loan. Iam currently holding 10,000.00 EMT. https://bloks.io/account/eosideas4all

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