Alabama Football Selects Rise Science, Inc to Maximize Player Performance and Recovery Through Better Sleep.

The Alabama Football program will be rolling into the 2017 season fully prepared in all areas of performance: both on and off the field. Rise Science is working in conjunction with the performance staff at Alabama to improve student athlete health, wellness and performance through the company’s validated sleep improvement program.

“Focusing on sleep is not new at Alabama. They’ve tried many different solutions but were attracted to the Rise program in part because it doesn’t require wearables to get valid sleep and recovery measures. We have coached hundreds of NFL and College football players, and we’ve learned first-hand that any sleep improvement program has to be easy and hassle-free for both athletes and coaches,” said Leon Sasson, CTO and Co-Founder of Rise Science. “There’s no magic pill or potion to solve sleep. It’s about equipping the student athletes with the tools and structure so they can make informed decisions every night.”

Rise Science Inc. is a Chicago based sleep behavior change company that offers elite athletic organizations a comprehensive sleep training program through a part-human, part-digital sleep coach. Harnessing the science behind sleep, Rise gives elite athletes the power to perform at their best and reduce injury risk with the help of continuous personalized insights, guidance and feedback about the intersection of sleep and performance.