Clemson Football partners with Rise Science, Inc to Improve Sleep, Recovery and Performance.

Clemson Football has elected to work with Rise Science to provide their players with the latest in sleep behavior modification tools. In preparation for the 2017 season, Rise is working in conjunction with the performance staff at Clemson to improve student athlete health, wellness and performance through the company’s validated sleep improvement program.

“We’ve known about the importance of sleep and have been searching for a solution that would give us results and be easy to use. We’ve already seen our student athletes improve their sleep and they feel the benefits,” said Joey Batson, Director of Football Strength & Conditioning. “We know how hard it is for student athletes to prioritize sleep, but Rise provides individualized sleep plans and feedback and the program is really easy for our players and staff. Rise isn’t just showing our athletes how they are sleeping; the program helps them improve sleep discipline and increase overall sleep time which we know will translate to better performance on and off the field.”

Rise Science Inc. is a Chicago based sleep behavior change company that offers elite athletic organizations a comprehensive sleep training program through a part-human, part-digital sleep coach. Harnessing the science behind sleep, Rise gives elite athletes the power to perform at their best and reduce injury risk with the help of continuous personalized insights, guidance and feedback about the intersection of sleep and performance.