Oklahoma State Football is making sleep a priority with Rise Science, Inc.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys Football program has partnered with Rise Science, Inc to help their players understand the benefits of better sleep. Rise brings the latest in sleep behavior modification technology to the Cowboys, and implementing the program at the start of fall camp was a strategic move by the performance staff.

“We have long known the dramatic affect that sleep has on player performance.” said Rob Glass, Assistant AD/Athlete Performance. “What we found at Rise was more than a monitoring system, however; Rise works directly with our athletes to help them actually improve their sleep behaviors and we know this will result in measurable gains on the field.”

“Starting the program at the beginning of fall camp will allow our players to maximize the time prior to the season to build good habits.”, said Glass. “With so many demands on today’s student athletes between football, academics and community service; programs like Rise will allow us to help them take good care of their physical and mental health.”

“We are excited to work closely with the world-class performance staff at Oklahoma State,“ said Jeff Kahn, CEO and Co-Founder of Rise Science, Inc. “Many elite college and professional programs dedicate incredible resources to improving the physical, mental and nutritional aspects of performance. Giving student-athletes the resources to improve their sleep allows them to reach their highest potential on and off the field”.

Rise Science Inc. is a Chicago based sleep behavior change company that offers elite athletic organizations a comprehensive sleep training program through a part-human, part-digital sleep coach. Harnessing the science behind sleep, Rise gives elite athletes the power to perform at their best and reduce injury risk with the help of continuous personalized insights, guidance and feedback about the intersection of sleep and performance.

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