The Chicago Bulls and Rise Science partner for the 2017–2018 NBA season to improve sleep, recovery and performance.

The Chicago Bulls enter their second season working with Rise Science to help their players prioritize sleep during a rigorous NBA schedule.

“Quality sleep is one of the most integral components of any recovery program for an elite athlete. Given the uniquely rigorous demands of the NBA schedule, it takes on even greater importance. In order to maximize the quality of our player’s recovery through enhanced sleep quality and duration, we sought a program that was noninvasive, user friendly, and could provide them with the tools to improve their sleep regimens. Rise Science was able to deliver precisely what we were looking for not only for our players, but has also provided critical feedback for our medical and coaching staffs to guide practice times, game day shootarounds, and strength and conditioning workouts,” said Chip Schaefer, Director of Sports Performance for the Chicago Bulls. “I unequivocally recommend Rise Science to any elite amateur, collegiate, or professional athletes looking to not only optimize performance but also improve health outcomes.”

“The NBA has a very unique dynamic with difficult schedules, travel across time zones in a single day, and a very long season,” said Jodi Murphy, Head of Elite Athletics at Rise. “Our goal is to provide the framework that allows players the ability to manage all of those challenges without sacrificing sleep. The players appreciate our ability to help them make sleep a priority”.

Rise Science is a Chicago-based sleep performance company that offers elite athletic organizations a comprehensive training program via personalized sleep coaching. Harnessing the science behind sleep, Rise empowers athletes to perform at their best and reduce injury risk through tailored sleep planning, ongoing daily guidance and personalized insights.