Every story begins somewhere. So does RISE UP HUB a story of renewed hope in the lives of refugees living in Kampala, Uganda.

Ojok Okello was tired of repeating himself every time he attended some of the high level consultation meetings on, among other items on the agenda, the issue of refugees. Often, the conversation came up and a lot of time was lost on reiterating what had been discussed previously and yet no new action was to be done.

The story of refugees caught the attention of many given its urgency and relevancy. One would be duped to think…

19 years old Joel Muganguzi is no ordinary urban refugee in Kampala. He has dreams and ambitions to own a motor garage either in Kampala or in his home town of Bukavu, South Kivu when Congo finally stabilizes. Just like all refugees or victims of conflict induced forced displacement, Joel’s prayer and wish is that his country, the DRC regains the much needed peace and political stability.

Joel in action at Manera Autofix

In 2017, Joel and his parents and siblings were forced to leave their home in South Kivu, DRC and run for safety. They arrived in Uganda and settled at Kyaka Refugee Settlement. Kyaka…

The significance of apprenticeship placements as a vehicle for expanding human resource capabilities cannot be overemphasized. A practice that began in the medieval Europe during the Middle Ages, apprenticeships became an instrumental component for developing and nurturing talents in different crafts and technical works. The practice still remains relevant today and it’s practiced in many countries. For instance, in Germany, apprenticeships programmes are incorporated in the country’s dual learning system. In fact, finding a formal employment as a technician in a German company is almost impossible if one has completed the apprenticeship programme.

One of the tools RISE-UP project adopts…

We reject the oft negative portrayals of urban refugees as burdens. We refuse to conform to conventional narratives that refugees do not contribute significantly towards the socioeconomic development of their host countries. It is in light of this conviction that we participated in the 7th edition of the Media Expo, a flagship gathering of media professionals and students meant to garner momentum towards creating positive media content about the African to recreate a better future for the continent.

Yes, we have all seen those images of refugees in encampments. From mainstream to new medias, refugees are depicted as those in camps residing in temporary shelters with the iconic UNHCR branding. For Uganda’s case though, the imagery will depict something unique as you won’t only see residential tents but also farmlands, grocery stores and shared host communities and refugees’ spaces like schools and hospitals among others.

This is possible because of a deliberate and progressive government of Uganda refugee management approach which grants refugees opportunities to own farmlands, start-up a business and/or freely interact, relate and trade with the…

Keynote Address delivered by Donnas Ojok at the inaugural #RiseUpForRefugees Forum on the 17.10.2018 at Makerere University, Kampala.

It is my singular honor and privilege to give the keynote address at the inaugural #RiseUp4Refugees Forum. An honor because to me this forum is no ordinary gathering but a testament that an idea once refined, shared, supported and tried is indeed the commencement of something revolutionary and truly impactful. Its fulfilling to be part of that idea.

A privilege because standing here this afternoon is a stark reminder that we should always defy odds and not let our ambitions, dreams and…

RISE-UP #UrbanRefugees Hub

A project integrating urban refugees in Uganda’s economy as entrepreneurs and innovators. Also providing a marketplace for products #MadeByRefugeesUG @riseuphub

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