Field Trip Policy

We will notify parents in advance (ie before they drop children off for the day), via email, if we are taking any fieldtrips OTHER THAN: to Broomhill Park; on a walk around the neighborhood (within 1km).

All fieldtrips will be either on foot or via public transit (bus). Rise Up Singing will not drive children anywhere.

When we go on a fieldtrip (of any kind), staff will bring the following:

  • the first aid kit
  • emergency medication (epipens etc) as applicable
  • the attendance sheet
  • children’s emergency id papers containing the following: photo of the child, allergy information, emergency contact information
  • appropriate food, drink and clothing/gear for all children (sunhats, sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, warm clothing, raingear etc)
  • a cell phone

When we arrive at any field trip site, staff will perform a safety check while the children wait either in or with their hands on, the stroller.

Once the safety check has been completed, staff will go over boundaries of the site with children, showing them physically the boundaries of the area they’re allowed to use and going over expectations and activities/schedule.

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