Rise Up Singing Childcare — Sooke, BC

Please complete and send to ruschildcare@gmail.com, either copy/pasted into email body or as a text attachment. Any problems/questions? Email, or call 250–642–7994.



Relationship with child:

Phone number:


Preferred method of contact (phone, text, email):


General work schedule:
Location of work (i.e. work from home, in Victoria, etc):

Seeking (circle one): full time or part time childcare
If part time, details:

If you are applying for more than one child, please copy and paste the child section below and complete for each child.



Date of birth:


Currently in care/school?:
If so, why are you interested in moving child to RUS?:

What are your (adult applicant) main goals, values and/or priorities regarding care for this child?


Non-allergy related food restrictions (please include any food sensitivities and family food guidelines, ie ‘we avoid wheat bread as much as possible’ etc):

Shows interest in/enjoys:

Languages child speaks/hears in family home:

Special needs:

Lives with adult applicant full time?:
If no, describe custody arrangement:

Has parents/guardians other than applicant?:
If yes, names & relationships to child:

Are there other significant adult caregivers in child’s life that we should be aware of (stepparents, grandparents involved in daily care etc)?:

Toilet trained? If no, details (ie in diapers/not yet potty training, currently using potty sometimes etc):

Anything else?


Please mark an “x” next to each category, indicating that you have read and understood the information. These terms form the contract for your childcare service with us. By checking each term, you affirm that you have read, understand and agree to these conditions of service:

___ Tuition at Rise Up Singing (RUS) is $42.50/weekly day, or $50 for drop-in. Invoices for each month arrive on the 1st; payment is due by the 6th of each month.

___ Tuition includes care from 8am-3:30pm on your scheduled weekly days from September-July, excluding: statutory holidays, and winter and spring breaks (each two weeks long; exact dates communicated in writing no later than September 30 — generally correspond with SD62 school calendar).

___ Tuition also includes hearty morning snack (aka ‘second breakfast’), lunch, afternoon snack and other food as needed, and most other materials. Families are responsible for sending children with clothing suitable for extended outdoor play in all weather conditions (detailed list will be provided) on a daily basis, as well as with a water bottle; families are also responsible for providing any non-allergy related alternate food products (for example, gluten-free bread in the case of a non-celiac child).

___ The daycare is closed for the month of August. If you need childcare during the month of August, please let us know and we will work with you to make special/alternate arrangements. There are no tuition fees for August.

___ Care is provided from 8am-3:30pm; aftercare until either 4pm or 5pm, depending on the day, is available by PRIOR arrangement with Suzanne. Please plan ahead and arrange any needed aftercare a week in advance.

____Families may arrive and leave the daycare whenever in the day works best for them. We do not describe any children as being “late,” whenever they arrive at RUS; equally, we do not dwell on activities children may miss at daycare when they have the opportunity to do something else, simply noting that there is time for everything under the sun. Similarly, we ask all families to communicate clearly with staff around planned pick-up and drop-off times whenever possible, for ease and efficacy.

___ Tuition must be paid in full every month, September-July, to hold your child’s spot at RUS, regardless of how many days your child attends. It is not possible to go on vacation, not pay tuition, and continue to have a space at Rise Up Singing — unless it’s August :)

___5% discount on full time tuition is available to any family who: pays for a full term (September-Dec, or Jan-July) in advance; commutes to the childcare via public transit, bike or on foot; or volunteers in the centre at least three days/month (discount applies the following month).

___Limited subsidy spaces available; please contact Suzanne.

___One pay-as-you-can/sliding scale space available, in cases of dire financial need; please contact Suzanne.

___Upon acceptance to Rise Up Singing Childcare, a $500 deposit is required to secure your child’s spot. This deposit will be returned to you when you give 30 days notice that your child is leaving Rise Up Singing.

___ In the event that Rise Up Singing is no longer able to provide care to a child for any reason, RUS will endeavor to provide 30 days notice to the family.

___ Please review details of our curriculum, divided into sections and written up as “posts” on our Facebook site, facebook.com/riseupsooke.

___ Thanks for taking the time to thoroughly read and consider this application! We look forward to working with you and your family.