Why I won’t google Jennifer Lawrence

This is a short piece purely because if you don’t get it, you are a scumbag asshole who represents what is wrong with the world

Here are my reasons why the iCloud leak of celebrity’s personal pictures, including some naked ones is an ugly disgusting event we should condemn by not googling for them.

a. I am allowed to have any picture, photo, video on my personal computer, phone or drive. This is called privacy, its my home in the digital world. Just like you don’t walk into my house, find me naked in the shower and stream it on the web ( as that would be creepy and defined as sexual harassment or more), similarly you have no rights to access my digital home and publish my naked pictures — it is creepy and is sexual harassment.

Those watching it are taking part in this harassment.

b. Its theft. Robbing my home is wrong. We cannot and should not be robbing. Searching, celebrating or masturbating to robbery. Its pathetic. I feel sorry for you and that little penis of yours, that this is the action you crave for.

c. People have a right to consensus private sexual behavior. If you want to enjoy kinky things with your Gf, or make a nice video of you two love-making — instances like these will drive the women away from expressing their deepest desires even in the most private settings.

Imagine, If someone takes your pornographic search history and puts it on facebook, twitter or as a link to your LinkedIn profile as you search — it will make you fathom a world where you cannot express your sexual feelings even when you are alone. It sucks! We are sexual beings and it requires privacy and trust to fully express ourselves.

Women deserve the right to express themselves as they please in their private world. RESPECT THAT!

d. Even websites known for highly sexist content understand privacy and drew the line. If businesses could get it, we humans should too.

Hats of to BroBible, Buzzfeed and others for not running these pictures and running other articles like why they would not cover this or 21 pictures of Jennifer Lawrence one should look at.

if you still don’t get it, you are a scumbag asshole who represents what is wrong with the world!

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