How do you plan to over come this? Does meds help at all change the perspectives?
Amin EL

Medicines, in my personal experience, seem to work only towards keeping your anxiety levels in control, but not your thoughts. It will reduce the uneasy, frightening feeling that an anxiety patient has by trying to reduce the heartbeat rate. That helps make you feel slightly comfortable in the short time after you take the meds, but I don’t find it to be a good solution at all.

Instead, what worked for me was talking and sharing. However cliched it may sound, but the only way to put aside the load that we’re carrying inside, and the fears that we have is to talk with people who you can trust. Anxiety comes from overthinking. We people tend to make small problems into huge issues which exist only inside our mind. Talking to people, explaining them your feelings will enable them to instill positive thoughts and will drag you down into the reality — reality that the problem is only because I’m making it to be. Keeping yourself in touch with motivational content helps.

Its a herculean task, I know. But, our thoughts can be changed from negative to positive. It will require an enormous amount of effort on your part, and to make the journey easier, you need a friend who understands you. I am on my way to defeating anxiety. And I think I’m making a good progress. I can’t thank my friends enough for this. They saved a life, and I shall be forever indebted to them.

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