Software Engineer II @ Microsoft

Alice has the next big idea. She has built every system needed and is now looking for storing data for it in a key-value store. In this article, we’ll explore her journey and learn more about the internals of databases.


  • Indexed Table
  • B+ Trees
  • LSM Trees
  • Research on LSM Trees: Monkey and Silk

Table (File Storage)

[Very small data]

Alice wants to test her application. Her requirement is just storing about 50 key-value pairs. She would be hitting the database twice for reading and once for write per second. She uses a simple file storage system — a file persisted to disk with 2 columns — Key and Value. For reads, she scans through the file. …

We, as humans, are ~7.8 Billion in numbers across the globe. We have built our homes in 240+ countries — each showcasing numerous unique cultures. With the vast diversity, there are also conflicts. Keeping these conflicts aside, I believe we all have something common. All are looking for happiness. All are looking for peace. Penning down some lingering thoughts.

Variations of humanity span across color, caste, and creed,
Little do we understand though, the difference between our need and greed,
Are we so much different from each other, just because of our name? …

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