The girl I loved

The girl I loved the most,
 Left me at the coast,
 She said she don’t want to continue,
 To which shocked, I said k… I don’t want to burden you,
 She was happy I don’t know why,
 But for me it was hard to cry.

The coast grew silent & so did I,
 But she was somehow smiling with joy,
 The happy moments come to my mind,
 When I saw in her eyes who was never mine.
 And then she said a very good bye,
 To which I said but why, but why..
 And there she goes with her new boyfriend,
 And I was left at the coast with a wedding card in my hand.
 Completely broken I thought to jump & end my life in the endless sea..

But then there comes god’s gift to me,
 My best friend who always wished for me.
 Who saved my life & made it clear,
 That no one in this world is perfect dear.
 And made me learn just one thing,
 That I’m the one for one just being.

© : Rishabh Chaudhary
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