Chapter I’ Lake Of Fire

God had created Angels and Jinns a long time ago. Angels were the followers of God while the Jinns had the liberty of free will; the ability to act on one’s own will. The Jinns were said to be made of smokeless fire, they were strong , fast and each one of them had a unique ability. Their souls were heated with fire within them. They were very competitive in nature which led to myriad of petty quarrels amongst each other. Amongst this mayhem was a Jinn who wasn’t interested in these world matters; a Jinn who will later be known as the devil. Zagan used to worship his creator. He had been at it for almost a thousand years. So full heartedly that his reverence was noticed by his creator. God was so happy with him that he gave a Jinn place amongst the Angels. As chaos amongst the Jinns grew some of the Jinns drunk with the idea of their own power decided to challenge their creator and bring an end to him and his puppets. Combining arrogance with a huge ego is a perfect formula for destruction. Little did they know that Zagan already had told his creator about the Jinns contrivance. God boiling with anger ordered his army of angels to go and eradicate the abominations he had created. Zagan accompanied his new found brothers into the battlefield and slaughtered his own blood without having any second thoughts. The battle went on for centuries ending with major losses on both sides. After years of butchering the angels were able to kill almost all of the Jinns. Some of them went into hiding and could’nt be located. The number was so less that even if they wanted to they wouldn’t be able to make an impact.

After the massacre was over the angels and Zagan returned back to heaven and celebrated their victory. Zagan now thought that all his labor and his reverence to God will pay off and he will be named the ruler of the land he just conquered but something completely different happened. God had failed in creating a being with free will, yet he had not lost all hope. After the annihilation he decided to create a creature with intelligence, with the power of creativity. Adam was the first of his kind, handcrafted by god himself. His creator himself taught him about life and scruples and a few things which the angels and Zagan also didn’t know. Adam was said to be made of mud clay unlike the smokeless fire. Before sending him off to live his life God asked Adam what would he like to do with his life? His answer shocked Gods and the angels. Zagan was also taken aback with his chain of thoughts. God was so ecstatic after hearing Adams answer that he asked all the angels and Zagan to bow down before Adam. The bow wasn’t supposed to be a gesture of inferiority but a gesture of respect. Zagan took this in the wrong way. Everyone was down on their knees in front of Adam but Zagan. He had worked very hard and had devoted his life to his creator so that he could have a chance to rule the land. God asked Zagan as to why he had refused to bow down to a creature which he had created from his own hands.Ignoring his creator’s question he asked him to promise that he will keep him alive till judgment day. God didn’t understand why he was asking him a thing like this but he agreed. Now knowing that his creator won’t go back on his promise he roared “A creature made of clay get’s the land? You have betrayed me. He doesn’t deserve it. He has done nothing to earn it.” His creator infuriated with his statement and his thoughts banished him to a place of eternal torture: the lake of fire.