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An app that sends you love, positivity and good vibes via push notifications.

Love Alert sends daily inspirational quotes and messages via push notifications📮. It serves as a motivational tool that can ease one’s mind. An array 🌈 of positive messages that aim to brighten up your day and allow you to share 💞 this positivity with all your loved ones. You can install the app, scroll through a catalogue of messages, or just let it do its magic via push notifications. And that’s it! An app that is as easy as ABC. Download Now!

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How Love Alert came into existence?

The world 🌎 today has become increasingly negative, mostly for reasons out of our control. The tragedies 😔 it is undergoing seem unending — whether that is via US polarisation by George Floyd killing, airplane crashes, the Australian bushfire, floods in Indonesia, riots in Delhi, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, locust swarms, gas plant explosions, you name it. It just doesn’t seem to stop 🛑!

Principally, the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic downturn has flooded humankind with angst 😩 and anxiety 😰. Necessary precautions to combat the pandemic with social distancing has given rise to loneliness, which is increasing levels of stress. Moreover, the unfortunate impact on households with adolescents as well as people suffering from job loss is risking depression 🤐, low self-esteem 😓 and suicidal ideation 😢.

In these times of fear and uncertainty, when threats to one’s own survival and that of others become one of the main issues of daily life, sound mental health is one of the keys to surviving 🤔. So, we decided to do our bit for the society drowning in this sea 🌊 of bad news and leveraged our skillset to build an app. A simple mobile application that sends ✈️ across, love, positivity and good vibes from us to you via push notifications. It helps, not only to have a brighter 🌞 outlook on one’s own life but spread positive energy around others 🥰.

What impact do we envision Love Alert to have?

Though it is hard to test 🧪 and monitor the effects of behavioural interventions without proper governance and control, simpler behavioural nudges can be implemented that can elevate mood 😊 and inculcate a positive frame of mind 😇. These behavioural nudges are among the most critical mechanisms to reducing the psychological impact of this pandemic 🧐 . They help battle influences that increase the likelihood of poor mental health. Love Alert seeks to achieve just that ❤️.

With a simple motivational message, much like the adjacent one 📲, Love Alert attempts to push one towards achievement of promises and goals 🥅 one sets for oneself. It is a simple, yet powerful, behavioural nudge that promotes positive thoughts 🤗. These triggers that guide positive thinking can reduce an individual’s stress levels 📉, make one feel better about themselves (and the situation) 😄, and improve one’s overall psychological well-being 😅. It can also reduce burden on the mind with a better coping mechanism 👌 during hardships and times of distress.

If you haven’t noticed already, we like using emojis☺️. Some might even say a bit too much 😳? However, research supports that using emoji conveys nonverbal information that is often minimal in social media communication. Smiling emojis 😁 or even this one → 💪 — influence the user’s perception about the target character as being friendlier and has a greater positive impact. They are more relatable and have emotional cues 🤔. The use of such positive emojis also help being perceived as more agreeable, more open 😋, conscientious, and have a stronger retention power 🤓 for the user.

Thus, a combination of prompts for positive thinking and emotional stimulants, Love Alert brings a perfect balance of a simple nudge, designed to lighten up 🌅 one’s day.

What does Love Alert look like?

On installing the app, your welcome screen asks for permission to send push notifications 🔔, which allows us to do our magic 🧙‍♀️. And that’s it. You’re good to go. You’re greeted with all the positivity and love we have sent across already, while you were discovering us. You can go through them and find out what you needed to hear 📢 today or even share 💌 with a loved one who might need the same. At this point, the app has served its purpose — for now, at least. Going forward, every day you get a surprise 🎁 from our side, enclosed with love in a push notification.

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Love Alert App Interface

Keeping in mind the ease of use, serving as a motivational tool for positive social and behavioural nudges, we have tried to keep the user interface as convenient as possible. The app detects what user’s predefined phone light/dark 🌓 mode preferences are and naturalises itself to that environment. It is the app you didn’t know existed but would definitely help a little by taking up a little soft corner in your mobile device. Your daily dose 📬 of love, positivity and good vibes await 💝. Download Now!

Hope you have an 🍳cellent day!

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Econ grad; Former People Analytics Innovation PM; Now on a mission to spread love and happiness across the globe.

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