I have attended a lot of hackathons since I started at UCLA (about 25) and I have organized a few including LA Hacks and HackingEDU. As one of the Creative Directors of LA Hacks in 2016, I had the goal to make it more friendly and attract people like designers who are traditionally afraid of the concept of hacking.


What guiding principles led our design process?

What is people’s opinion of these hackathons?

I have always loved talking to people about my passion for hackathons. A lot of people think it has something to do with actual “hacking” and I explain that it’s more like a design+code…

EDIT: There seem to be some issues with this as of 04/24/18 and would advise against using this. Sorry I’ll try to update it if I get some time and can find the issue.

A common thing people try to do is have fullscreen Youtube/Vimeo embeds on their webpages. While this is still easily doable with the HTML5 video tag, it becomes complicated with Youtube embeds since they are in an iframe. After failing to find an effective solution online, I came up with a really simple CSS Solution using flexbox. Let’ see how to do it. See demo here

How to do fullscreen video embeds

Setting the HTML

Duolingo is an amazing application that allows people to learn different languages through self-paced exercises. Chat bots were introduced a few days ago which try to simulate a conversation between a bot, letting users practice what they’ve learnt in a free form environment.

The Problem

The main purpose of learning a new language is to have conversations with other people rather than just reading or writing in that language. Without conversations, the learning process feels incomplete.


According to Myngle’s survey about foreign languages — 2006, among people trying to learn a new language, 80% people consider speaking and listening ability to be…

This is the first UX project I led at Creative Labs at UCLA which we started in Spring 2016 for digital design collaboration. I facilitated brainstorming in a group of six people and everyone helped with wireframing. Here, I try to summarize our process over five weeks and the results we obtained.


Millennials don’t read the printed newspaper. The digital newspapers are trying to simulate the physical ones so they end up being really cluttered and people aren’t able to consume information from those. They end up using entertainment e-mag type websites like Buzzfeed or using news aggregators like Apple…

Design challenge for Uber Design Internship

Extracted Prompt: Problem

Designing how someone might schedule their trip (both flight and lodging) on a travel booking website. Design the date selection process in particular.

User Stories

Since not a lot of details were given about the users, I thought of the 3 biggest types of users and did personas for them that relate their needs to the design challenge. I highlighted the pain points that relate to the objective of designing the date selection experience. The 3 users are as follows:

User 1: Business Flyer

  • Needs to go on certain fixed dates
  • Preferably cheaper option but not high priority
  • Has airline+hotel…

Design challenge for Uber Design Internship

Extracted Prompt: Problem

Revising OS X to support multi touch without the use of a keyboard but with continued support for a mouse. Start by focusing on design tools like Sketch or Illustrator

Use Cases

  • Selecting from lists of items
  • Selecting from icons in a folder
  • Selecting from objects spread out on a canvas in a design app
  • Selecting contiguous and non contiguous objects
  • Work with overlapping objects


  • Intuitive or easy to explain
  • Quick and easy to perform
  • Customizable to some extent like other OS X gestures
  • Only touch pad: No keyboard
  • Support for both contiguous and non contiguous…

One of the projects I am currently working on is designing the landing page for Founders School, an event at UCLA. I was however bored of making the same sort of landing pages for everything and wanted to do something more edgy+creative this time and explore different design possibilities. Here’s my process for what I did.


The basic purpose of the website would be to tell creative engineering students about the event, pitch to sponsors and write about the speakers.


The theme/idea behind the event was to inspire engineering students to network with entrepreneurs and learn non-technical skills that they…

Solving a very simple but long withstanding issue with UCLA CS course specs

The Problem

Have you ever been incredibly frustrated by something and wished someone would do something about it every time you encountered it? Well one of these things for me (and as I would soon realize for the rest of the CS students at UCLA as well) was the course specs for CS courses at UCLA. They are, for some reason made as plain HTML files which are a pain to read on any regular sized device since there’s no formatting or CSS at all. People have a hard enough time understanding the problem involved and figuring out a solution to it…

Rishabh Aggarwal

I am a Creative Technologist studying Computer Science at UCLA and trying to do good in the world by Design.

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