Yeah I know! just saw the movie and didn’t read the novel. Never loved Chetan Bhagat and never read him either. The reason was plain and simple. I had no personal grudges against the writer but just the thought of his getting famous overnight just because of a movie beating all the records based on his novel and then getting too much overrated publicity because of novel based movies and not because of his caliber in writing was just preposterous. Which brings me back to the initial topic- movies. Although the movie isn’t as good as it was expected to be but somehow I still find something interesting in the classical bollywood romance that makes me jump off my feet and smash my television remote. The fairytale screenplays and the soul-touching video-editing of the dramatic soundtracks just make you yearn for more. Not just this, they make you realize there is something wrong with your life. That is the reason that even after watching the movie and in need of a good nap I thought about her and got up in an instant with some insane adrenaline rush and began writing this rubbish post which most people are not even interested to read. Frankly, even I could have utilized my time better playing some more Injustice-2. Also I knew I won’t be able to complete the post in a single go as it is a sunday and soon I would have to go with my friends to play pool. But let’s not just make it my routine blog.

I have been making myself find the motivation to write on medium and I even found very interesting topics to write which could have made a better blog. But like I wrote, motivation is something that comes from inside and the adrenaline pump that the same movie’s song ‘Thodi der’ is giving me right now is far greater than what I would have found on my own.

Now coming to the topic after so much of jabbering off, let’s talk about her- my half-girlfriend. Actually, somebody knowing me too well wouldn’t call her that as I have already offered that title in my mind to someone else and that too justified in every way. But the thing is, this person even being equivalent to my half-girlfriend never mattered to me more than a friend. It was (and is) my utter desperation from not having a girlfriend and this person being my only girlfriend like ‘ever’ to get that that title even though she didn’t deserve to be. Trust me, she is not a nice person. But i’ve always got a flair for mixing up with shady people and so was exactly the girl who I am gonna talk about and not this surrogate half-girlfriend.

Now I hope you guys grabbed popcorn and drinks because this was interval and now the second half of the movie is going to begin. It is because I am starting off this paragraph after long hours of my little pool adventure I told you guys about. I hope this is more interesting than the second half of the bollywood one. So I am going to talk about my half-girlfriend which actually was not even my half-girlfriend but just a schooltime crush which I kept on chasing like a shadow for two years (and still am) till I completed my schooling like every other teenager (like in the movie). Like the movie I was a very simple shy Jaat boy (not Bihari) like the movie’s protagonist and she was this sophisticated elite girl polished but still rough in the worldly ways. And then she had that spark for that dark side with her messy life, troublesome boyfriend scandals and appetite for self destruction. I did not have as broad perspective back then especially of the world of girls as I used to shy out from girls even being associated with the most notorious mischievous gang of the school. I just saw a cool girl who used to come late to every class when others didn’t have the guts to. And so I befriended her by just casually calling out her friend’s name out sitting on the front bench when we we sitting on last separate benches. That is what she liked about me I believe which every cool beautiful girl likes about any stranger boy. I could approach her directly without feeling any fear. The same thing I learned from an episode of two and a half men and few other media that it is all about the confidence. The saying goes like ‘The most beautiful girl is the most approachable one if you have the confidence to talk to her directly without any hesitation as other boys will be afraid to talk to her’. That is I think what made her still consider me for a pic with me at the school farewell because after what happened between us in those two years I won’t have invited myself for one, let alone expecting her agreeing for a click even if I asked her. But those events should not be discussed publicly right now, not in this short post at least. After all, It is my first post (officially second, if you consider the one I was forced to write by my horrible bosses at my first firm.(but that is another story for another time.)) and I don’t want to squander all the buttermilk by boring you all with my teenage crush stories and involve our private lives in it. The moral of the pretext is that she was a messed up girl with a heart of gold and I was a silly boy with no witts as to what he is doing.

Stay a little longer

Since the movie has ended long before I began writing this post and now it’s long after midnight so it is the perfect time to end this late night show. Actually I didn’t intend to write about movies or my half-girlfriend although I love movies more than anything and they give me the motivation to do whatever I want to in life like nothing could ever. That is the actual reason I wrote- the motivation to do what you want to in life and finding out what is the thing that you love the most (for me it’s also my friends and other things) and that will help you find the motivation to explore what you want to do in life (don’t confuse the two things). I wanted to talk about that and other things (as previously mentioned) but it’s enough for my first post and also it’s getting late. It’s sunday night and I have to resume my working hours from tomorrow again. So even though I feel like singing ‘stay a little longer

That’s all folks