The last time we met

The last time we met, 
there was a lot I wished to say. 
The meeting couldn’t have been bitter. 
My thoughts how could I convey?

In turmoil of thoughts, tortured by fears, 
you couldn’t see my unshed tears. 
Heavens no! Don’t meet me again. 
Don’t coerce my heart to crave for pain.

The last time we met, 
we promised to meet once more. 
I must get accustomed to the lanes of the lonely, 
my heart had then swore.

Perhaps for the millionth time, 
we fooled our hearts saying things will be fine. 
Love is no melody to every ear, 
in tougher times, there’s no sunshine.

The last time we met, 
I wondered, ‘how could it be last?’. 
There comes an end to every tale, 
whether sorrows of today or the joys of past.

- Rishabh Bidya

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