Intern-esting (Part 2)

Work with pleasure not pressure

And then after finally reaching there we go up stairs, where the place was and I was mind-blown . As soon as I enter, the first thing I see is a huge table like the one you would find in a board room and all the geek stuff you could possibly imagine like computers, wires prototyping boards,Oscilloscope and some 15 people sitting around the table with their computers and enjoying the work they were doing, the only difference was that the table I saw was a ping pong table turned into a work bench! And not to forget I also saw an archery setup, this is so unusually good to have as a part of your workplace, this is not what amazed me the most, the work culture here was the thing, I mean I couldn't see a single guy without excitement on his face even though it was evening and they had been we working all day long, they were working here with pleasure not pressure.The setup here was like something you see in the TV Series Silicon Valley, I mean this was the first thing that came to my mind after seeing this place.

It had a lot more people than this

How fun would it be to be a part of this.I’ll probably put a picture of the actual place someday. I always wanted a lab setup like this, this was like a dream come true to me.I’m a type of person who has taken up engineering as a hobby rather than a backup plan for life. Building tech fascinates me so much that I have setup a small lab at my home, turned my room into a lab to be exact! So now you know what it felt like to be here.

Let the fun begin

So, we were here standing and talking about how amazing the place was, not knowing whom to meet and what to do.(The place I was and am talking about is called FluxGen Engineering Technologies, its an amazing place to work at, you must definitely check it out) Then we meet Adithya (one of the design engineers here) who introduces us to Mr. Ganesh Shankar (Founder and Managing director ,he’s one of the most inspiring person I’ve ever met)and then we have an usual introductory conversation.Coming to the point as to how do we get in here he asked us about the project(s) we’d done or interesting stuff that we had made.I was thinking which ones to mention, I was pretty confused as to which my best projects were because as I said before I’m an electronics hobbyist and had done so many project, at least around 4–5 a month from when I was in 10th grade(Yes I’m showing off 😛 😆) and didn’t know what to say, but ya I did mention some of the recent projects I’d made.Then he was like

“OK, do one thing, come up with a good project take a weeks time, build it and then come back, if it’s satisfactory and if we think your skills are appropriate here and can help us(In a really polite manner) Your’re in”.

This was it, we’d talked for like 5 minutes and had taken like almost 2 hours to get here.You might be thinking why not just a phone call, why had to we travel so much just for this, even we thought the same but then quickly realised the fact that if we had not come here and had seen the place in person, we (atleast me) would have not had the motivation to travel so much daily to intern somewhere.

And then we started thinking what to make and directly headed to SP Road (Electronics hub of Bengaluru)from FluxGen and then purchased some generic electronic components.The project was not to be done in a group, so what I planned was that instead of making a single project spending a weeks time, instead I’ll try to find some of the best project I’d made and summarise them to show my skills, but the problem was to find them in my so called lab and then to reassemble them and make videos because I dismantle my old projects and use the same components to make new ones.But ya I somehow managed to redo my recent project or the ones I could find, made videos and stored them on private YouTube Repository, the links to which are

  1. Turning a vintage radio into Google Home(part 1), (part 2)
  2. Making a Radio transmitter using Raspberry Pi (I’m a huge fan of wireless tech)
  3. Hijacking a Radio Station using Raspberry Pi
  4. Lighting Fluorescent tubes wirelessly (part 1)
  5. Lighting Fluorescent tubes wirelessly (part 2)
  6. Robot Nurse [Project] (I did not make a video of this as I wanted to demo it live and it needed a few hours of work on it)

And also I took like some 5–6 of my analog electronics projects that I made before I knew about microcontrollers.

And then it was 5 days past and I wanted to go there badly and start working and so I called my colleagues and they turned out to be a bit caught up and told me that they would not turn up for the internship even if they wanted to(I still feel bad for them), and so I went there all alone, I told Adithya what I had done (The video thingy) but everyone was very busy because Google CA was coming to checkout the place and hence straight away he told me to show the project which was working the best and also that It should be live as they didn’t have time to see the videos, all the effort that I’d put in was gone, I started freaking out as was not working as I was expecting it to (Good that atleast I’d taken one project for live presentation) and started to think will I even get to work here and then I asked Adithya for some time to fix the bug, but I knew the problem would take hours to fix and started to freak out even more, after 10 mins a miracle happened ,no I did not fix the bug ……

……to be continued