How this Diwali cracker ban outed every hypocrite in India, or at least Delhi

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or not from this country, you would know that Diwali is the biggest festival in India, bigger than anything else. For the rest of you, its basically Christmas meets Thanksgiving meets fourth of July meets bollywood and it is that big of a deal.

From dressing up in traditional attire to exchange of gifts and just having fun it is the complete package. However, there is something inherently wrong going on in India these days and I just want to talk about that. I’m not taking sides here as I plan to roast both the pseudo liberals and the so called right wingers who have been at each others throat as well as the moronic Supreme court judge who made matters worse.

First let’s have a look at what happened. So we all know that Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world, its basically a result of a joint effort of our asshole politicians, greedy businesses that only care about money and us the people with no sense of responsibility towards the environment. We literally throw trash everywhere and then complain about the government not cleaning it up. The Prime minister can only put trash cans on the street, he can’t stop you from littering people.

Anyways, everyone goes bat shit crazy during diwali and there’s only one reason for that.

Yep, that’s right, fireworks.

It all started when someone filed a petition in the Supreme court to ban crackers in Diwali. Both the liberal and the right wing brigade were out in full force making their own arguments about it.

Both sides of the argument were valid and yet equally stupid but what really made matters worse were when the judge made his decision over the case. I want to break this down into who said what and the rest of the insanity that followed. I can’t really offer a solution but I want to expose these fake messiahs and bring them out.

First of all the anti-cracker brigade.

These guys have been on the case for some time, the basic argument that they’ve been putting out in all the forums is that crackers are the source of pollution, the loud noises disturb people and the toxic smoke badly affects our health. Furthermore, Delhi has always been quite polluted and we don’t want it to deteriorate further. The problem these buffoons is that while they are eager to ban crackers for one festival, none of wants to speak out on the issues that plague my city for the rest of 364 days, like the use of the dangerously toxic petcoke to generate electricity or the landfills in Delhi which are now catching fire. Neither are they interested in working out a solution to prevent MCD workers and others from lighting small trash fires which all contribute to the pollution menace that Delhi has faced.

I further cannot understand that why a temporary ban only in Delhi NCR was put in place. It’s not like these crackers is going to emanate oxygen in the rest of the country or any other time of the year. This makes me wonder whether this was really for the concern of the people or, as others are putting it, a conspiracy against hindu festivals. Well the reason for this is that Eid is a literal bloodbath with millions of animals being sacrificed but what most people are ignorant about is that animal agriculture is a bigger threat to the environment than the entire transport industry, and yet no one has been able to raise a single voice against it.

The other reason has been the series of Supreme court rulings on Dahi handi celebrations, Jalikattu among others that gives people the impression that a certain section of the society is out to curtail our religious freedom for reasons best known to them, and by the way things are going people seem somewhat justified to be outraged. The height was when Panasonic and Tata sky tweeted about Diwali and air pollution and people just lost it. Airtel also tweeted about it and people in their outrage are trolling it by porting to Jio right on Airtels twitter feed

Now for the Pro-cracker people

I’ve already talked about what fears they have but what amuses me the most is the irrational fear and outrage that followed. Let’s start with the Diwali traditions. Those morons who claim bursting crackers is a part of Diwali traditions don’t know a thing about our rich culture and its traditions. Most people have reduced Diwali to bursting crackers whereas the traditions are much more than just that. It involves fasting, praying to the lord and a lot more but nowhere has it involved crackers which interestingly are a Chinese invention and the oldest recorded reference of use in India dates back to the 1600’s to the wedding of Dara Shikoh.

The intermingling of Diwali and crackers started when fireworks factories were set up in Sivakasi and through years of marketing they have pretty much interlinked the two.

Secondly, firecrackers are against every aspect of Hinduism. Our religion has been prominently based on one thing, we worship nature and all the elements and ensure the balance of the 5 main elements. Crackers and the pollution they cause heavily disrupts one critical element “air”. The one argument I’ve been hearing is that crackers only cause pollution for one day and don’t take the happiness away from the children and the most ignorant one, this is a judicial overreach on our customs. Pollution is pollution, no matter how big or how small, if we make arguments like these then I weep for the future of this country which is all set to feature 25 cities with the worst air quality in the future.

If the news reports from yesterday were any indication, it is this, we are not ready to learn any lessons and the only one who will pay for this is us, because we forget when pollution kills you, it won’t discriminate you by your religion.