Buying decisions

As I get older I have started noticing things about me which I otherwise ignored. For starters and the main one is saving money. In my early twenties I barely made anything and yet used to spend like crazy.

I made a few small purchases back then but my first big purchase was a phone now used by my mom and still going strong back in 2014 when I spent more than Rs. 10,000 on a phone. Rs. 14,000 to be exact and got myself a smartphone. Fast forward three years later and I made another purchase of a phone nearly twice that amount. While the one big difference is that now I can easily afford it, the real question comes should I buy it?
Seriously it is confusing like anything. I mean making this decision which now looks so simple took me 4–5 months and I took a lot of flak when the smart decision was just to go ahead in the first place.

Anyway the decision is made but I know such things will take my time and space in the future too. If only it was simpler.


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