Creature of habit

For some reason good or bad I’ve become a creature of habit of some things. But of all those, this blog tops the list.

Simply saying this has become my daily constant when everything else is chaotic. Such has been my case with several other things that they have become a part of me. It is with this purpose that no matter what, I du them everyday. No matter how difficult it is for me to do anything else, I find the strength to do the daily constant, simply because of those habits.

Take for example today’s post, I didn’t get much sleep last night, traveled for 8 hours on buses, got cramps by just sitting for too long, walked 2 km so I could feel my legs and was dead tired ready to sleep and yet I’m gathering what energy I’ve left to type and publish this post out while trying to stay awake. That’s the power of will and power of habit.