It’s all in the head

How your own mind can kill you.

You’ve heard it more than once that it’s “all in your head.” This term is widely used for people who are probably hallucinating or not feeling alright. Truth be told I’ve never believed in such a theory, until recently.

Now I feel there’s more to it. First off, I’ve felt way better when I get a good dose of positive news or laughter even if the day is terrible otherwise. Similarly a person can be gloomy even after receiving some of the best news and the brightest moments in the day.

Scientists have said that it is possible a person can replicate such a disease in his head. There’s a story gone viral about a man getting bit by a non poisonous snake but getting scared so much that he was found with poison inside him. I can’t verify if it’s true or not but I do know that mind games can impact a person.

I’ve got one such case. Ma has had her fair share of disease including an issue with a kidney that was resolved long back. The funny thing is she met a relative with an issue with their kidney and with that, very next day that she felt like a person with bad kidney. It is wierd yet great.

So remember to key to success is being positive


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