The one thing that matters

If you were to ask people about what they want to do with their life, even those who have things sorted out would be puzzled. Frankly, by the time a person figures out what they wanted to do its already too late and they’re probably too old to do anything about it.

For me life is not sorted even now that I have a job, a loving family and on top of that I’m soon to be married. In all honesty as much as I try to deny it, I already have a lot of regrets. Regrets of the times I said no when yes was the answer. Regrets of the opportunities I didn’t grab, regret about the chances I didn’t take and most importantly the experiences I didn’t have.

Let me share an excerpt. Back when I was a CA student I heard this from my friends who attended coaching classes. A very old teacher told them about the importance of experiences in very simple terms. He said “As a student I always wanted to go to goa. I heard so much about that place but due to my studies, trying to make a career and the responsibilities, I was unable to, only last year at the age of 64 did I finally get the opportunity to go there. When I did, however I realised what I had missed by not taking the chance and experiencing it at a young age. I will carry that regret forever. But you, should make it a life goal to go there at least once when you’re young otherwise you’ll have the same regret as I do”

It’s not just about having an experience, it’s also about when and where and how much is it worth it. But if you get such an opportunity just say yes because who knows it might save you from a lifetime of regret.