Unjust life

When we were children, we all heard stories about how good always wins over evil and truth triumphs the injustices in this world. I would rather say we were made to romanticise with the idea that no matter what, there will always be a happy ending and justice will prevail.

Growing up and seeing the harsh realities around us, we realise the truth isn’t what we read in fairy tales. They were there in a vague attempt to make us better people, but sadly not all remember those lessons. As you grow up you will find all forms of injustice around you, all of them connected to vices that we were told to stay away from when we were young.

Why is it that we forget the lessons of our childhood. Why is it that we forget the perfect world we were to create. Is it because we ourselves lose faith in those lessons or is it because the environment we grew up in made sure we never believed in them in the first place? I’ll be starting a series on this and looking at some of the lessons we were taught and what we do with it as we grow old.


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