where do you think you’re going?

Surrounded in boxes, different shapes and sizes, safe. Boxes with wheels, stacked boxes. It would be illogical to debate that these are bad, instead these have worked out to make our lives easier and better. But there is another side to the coin, we have become so dependent on these boxes that we have lost the complete aspect of the other side, which in turn is unnatural, to the way we were created.

We were created to walk bare feet on grass, run for happiness and not for results, explore forests and the birds living in them, feel the wind on our faces, watch how the sun sets so fast once it is going down, observe the dusk and its utmost profundity, rubbing whiskers of a cat or mushing a dog’s neck, contemplating on a painting, having goosebumps while listening to the opening chorus in a song, or experiencing cramps in heart looking at what happening in the ages of war.

I can go on for days and months on the tears and smiles felt by the way we touch on experiences or stories and how they touch us back.

The nucleus remains visible but we have done our best to hide it with our eyes, when our heart sees different, we have let our brains to concede; the situations which were simple we always make them so difficult, makes me think we are really getting good at the wrong judgement of our senses, and it is not helping. We need to feel honestly.

Thinking of feelings and honest openness towards them, we can imagine the time when human beings functioned purely based on emotions. When there was no society and rules in place. Thus having good acts and bad, we did not define them then, but we did feel the itch that something is going wrong, and for putting a stop on this series of ‘itching’ events, we sat together and thought collectively with the best way we could communicate, we came to a consensus that certain actions are characterized as bad, and we ignored the good since they caused no harm to any one. The bad actions would be punished we said — I only wish the good ones would have been appreciated as well. I wish we could have a law for that. But what is gone is not for us to change, and we can live in the present with this improved understanding of good and bad over the time and adjust our mentality to accommodate both sides of the curve in the picture. On a more singular note, we have changed the way we live in ways which are more to do with us, selfishness has taken a strong place in our hearts. So much that we are not even aware of it, and think of it as the defaulted version as we grew, maybe the growing up in the same society taught us that. Strangers became strangers and family became family. We started living in a divide. And this structure carries selfishness at its innate being. We need not proclaim the whole world as our responsibility, but for the very selfishness harbored within, we can replace it with helping the unknown cause. We can perform random acts of kindness and that will in return make us very happy.

The purpose of life can be conceived as a never ending journey, all we can do is keep changing the habitat, the way we feel about things. Realizations, love, learning from time and inspiring action which causes a reaction in another leading to the betterment of the whole in some minuscule or in a majuscule manner.

One is bound to get tired of searching, for there is nothing to look for. It is all visible to our eyes — you see, and in the sinuses of the heart — you feel, or the chemical reactions within the brain. The memories and the strains of happiness we live in the lot’s minds and the bonds we form overtime. By doing what we can, we must change the world little by little, we all have gifts, we all do, mostly we fail to see them, we think we are not good at them and leave it right before the step after which we would have been master at it — it really works that way. So recognizing the things we are good at and changing the society and the world little by little, that is what matters truly. That is what will affect lives in the most remote and urgent fashion which will in turn return back to us with a more than warm feeling causing a slow smile from inside.

Felt emotions and self honesty is what we require most in these desperate times, it must start with us or else we would progress into a whirlpool of retrogressive metamorphosis.

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