Writing on this particular article because recently something happened with me that i was not expecting.But yes i was preparing for it whole heartedly. So i am the guy who was not a scholar in life but always followed two mantras “Practice makes the man perfect” and “Don’t let anyone underestimate you”.I encountered many people in my life who were and are demotivated due to others achievement but i was over these things and always worked on improving myself from yesterday.That what i define ‘success’ for myself.

So this articles’ context is don’t wait for the right time and many more things derived from it as your mind reads.

Firstly focus on what you want to achieve and don’t worry about how well your peers are doing.Always learn from your peers keeping your ego aside and try to teach others.If someone try to deviate you from your path try to ignore those type of personalities maybe you will lose a friend but then that’s what right at that time.Change is always good so don’t hesitate from trying something new if u feel it’s right.Whatever you are learning will at some point of time in your life will be useful if it’s not making sense right now.

Secondly keep doing that helps you to reach your goal but always test yourself to check whether your direction is right or not.Be patient there is always a right time for the right thing to happen.And when it will happen you will be shocked.So concluding the article with the title at this time people may judge you comparing from your past if they are aware or compare with their present , just follow the ignore mantra.Be happy and invest in yourself :).