Calling? The Tricycle — Passion, Dreams and Reality!

I tried writing this article around 2 years back. Tonight, as the new year started and I was going through my stuff, I found the first draft for it, that I was writing for the college magazine. As I was skimming through it once again, it struck me. I thought to myself, it’s about time I publish it somewhere. So, here it is. And before you even begin reading this, I must tell you that I am no writer. Just a guy, sitting on his laptop sharing his views. You are entitled to your own opinions.

So, You just grew adult now. Great. Congratulations! Welcome to the race of life. Now I don’t know if you faced the same issue or not, but at the time when I passed my 12th Standard back in 2014, I seriously had no clue what I was gonna do with my life. And this is kind of a really scary thought because 18–22 is when you discover yourself, what you want to do in your life and stuff. It is the process of growing up maybe, some people also call it stepping towards “Maturity”. Well, you just can’t wake up one day suddenly and realize what you want to do in your life. It just doesn’t happen like that. You have to put up a fight for it. You gotta discover it, study it!!! And for that, you need to know your self. And trust me you’ll never want to do that because everybody is really busy, right???

To know yourself is the greatest gift because that is the time when you are truly trying to find the purpose of your life and what is that one thing, your one true talent, that you are really good at.

So, now the question comes in, “How do you know about that one thing for which you are truly passionate about???” The only way to discover your true passion is through this question — Is there something you learned by yourself, and you have learned it so well that now you can teach it to somebody else? That means you were so passionate about it that you didn`t wait for somebody else to teach you. You were too much curious to know about that. That is ‘TRUE PASSION’. And this could be anything! Could be dance! Could be Singing! Could be photography! Could be coding! Anything!

The answer to this question is hidden deep within you and nobody can find that for you, not me, nor your teachers, neither your parents, only you. Explore it!!! Make it your DREAM and follow it to hell if necessary. Live a life based on your dream of how you want your life to be. Believe me, you don’t want to live a life that somebody else will choose for you. You will definitely give up on that at some point in time. You definitely will!!!

You know what is the biggest learning that I got from this life. It is that in the coming 70 years all of us are gonna be dead! You! Me! Your dog! That uncle who mocks you! Your idol! Your mom! Your dad! Your teacher! Everyone! That means every person who is on the face of this planet right now is gonna die! Never Alive Again! That’s it. That is all the time we have! Imagine you have such limited time. And all of us know that the universe is infinite right??? And, in this infinite universe, there is one planet with life. And in that one planet with life, there are millions of species. And in all these species there are just one species that rules every other out. And whose that? Us! Humans! Imagine the mathematical probability of you being born as a human. Well, there cannot be a probability because the number is infinite. Right! Imagine what a miracle each one of us is. And now, if you are this miracle, you want to waste the rest of your life living like a robot. Following the footsteps of somebody else, living a life your mom or dad chose for you. You know, suddenly, down the line, you’ll be in your seventies lying on your death bed and nurse will come and ask you if you have any regrets, and you’ll be like, — “WTF! Every fuckin’ thing. Everything I’ve done in my life is a regret.” Just because you lived somebody else’s life. Or you know what, think of this for a second, you want to look back at the nurse and say — “I’ve done every fucking thing in my life that I wanted to, now I can go, I have no regrets.” Well, I know I want that for myself.

And now on this note, I’ll like to wrap this up with a story of two gentlemen — Rajat and Ashok. They both went to IIT`s in the 80`s. Graduated. Really successful. Went on to study at Harvard Business School. Again went out of there with top grades. Ashok went on to work with Apple then and Rajat went on to work with another great firm. This was the 90`s then. They both lost touch because there was no email and such. So, Rajat recently came down to Calcutta for a business meeting, his car broke down and he took it to this garage and found that the guy who was repairing his car was Ashok. So, Rajat was shocked! He was like,“What! What the hell are you doing here man, you were smarter than me, your grades were always better than mine and you are here, a mechanic. What happened to your life???” So Ashok told him his story,“ Yeah, I worked with Apple for two years but my real passion was automobiles. So I came back to India, started a company that increases fuel efficiency in automobiles. Sold that for a few million dollars. Then started this garage because the only thing that truly made me happy was repairing cars with my very own hands. That’s the only thing that made me go to sleep at night .” Rajat was the one telling my friend this story. He told him, “You know son. I’m 65 years old, I’m the VP of my company, I have cars, I have bank balance you can’t even imagine, I have everything. But my biggest regret in my life is that I don’t have a life that I wanted to live. I have lived a life that somebody else chose for me.”

And now after all this, all I have to say is, don’t ever give up on your PASSION, on your DREAM and don’t think too much if you want to take a leap for it, to turn it into REALITY. A final bit of advice — Don’t think! Just do it!