Humans: We are fairly simple beings

Human beings are an eerie combination of emotions and the resulting behavior. I was afraid of the complexity of human beings. Their very uncertainty would push me back and make me think of myself and my surroundings twice. It is something wrong with me or is it just them. But the truth be told, human beings are fairly simple beings in my imagination.

I am a programmer and design enthusiast by my choice, human by nature’s and love to see patterns in things and uncertainty baffles me sometimes but I am fine with it now. I have been living among human beings for nearly 23 years and I believe that I have discovered them only 1 or 2 years ago.

Why do I consider humans as simple beings? I find emotions in humans as a limited variable. Something that is not too large in count. But what is large or I would say, is infinite, is the combination of each one of these emotions and the resulting behavior at every possible scale. (Also, where one emotion could lead to another.)

Consider a dispute between two kids over a toy which may lead to a heated argument or a violent behavior and now replace these kids with representatives of countries and toy with a piece of land. Yes, these are two extreme kinds of scales. First is small and the latter is big but both the humans & representatives have basic emotions attached with the event, i.e. sense of ownership, invasion, love of the object,etc. This is what could be applied to every possible scale in between and each scale may or may not include various human characteristics like region, people, communication, understanding, evolution, etc. I would partially summarize these as behavior and partially as evolution.

Such a combination of different emotions and resulting behavior at every scale can go for eternity.

Human evolution and sympathy

Not each one of us has evolved fairly. I can prove this simply by putting this:

Prehistoric humans had to evolve over years to take care of their new born ones. It involved a lot of consideration of other’s emotions and feelings, especially the young ones, now known as sympathy and empathy.

This is evolution. Yet, today some of us lack basic sympathy and empathy with the kind of lifestyle we lead and the choices we make. This is when we stop evolving fairly and our basic nature as a human being degrade and we create baffling and shocking events among others that just sends a wave of uncertainty. Again, this happens at every possible scale.

I am not a scientist or a psychologist but this is what has come to me by understanding the very basic of us and this makes us fairly simple beings in my imagination but a lot is to be discovered yet.