Mind your Earth : digitizing a long known problem

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Should I start with the things that are going wrong? No, we are already aware of them. I am talking about carelessness for Earth. We always seem to be so caring about Earth but sometimes we just end up only complaining about the problems with it and not willing to take any action where we could have possibly taken.

I will address only the problem upon which we can act. Now, imagine yourself on a good day going to work and passing by open dump of waste. It’s stinky and turns your expression into a gross one. There are a very different number of combinations to address this problem and I will consider the one where we make a gross expression, pass in hurry and complain about the smell and unhealthy view to our eyes. That’s it. One more complaint went nowhere.

Let’s not talk about actions that can be taken to clean such an unhealthy site. It takes efforts right from the first person who threw the garbage irresponsibly and giving others a welcome sign to throw their trash too. It’s simply irresponsible.

Now consider the same complaint being converted into a small awareness data for others, for the whole world. A tool which will bring such trash points to everybody’s attention.

How it works?

It is a simple app where you can mark trash points of various types near you. Users can vote nearby trash points or share with others. Each trash point will have its own URL which users can share with any other user, on social media, with any NGO or local authority for any possible action.

How will it the solve the problem?

The few number of people with whom I shared the app asked, ‘How will it clean the trash point?’. I wish I had such resources to develop a feature where flying machines would drop by your trash point and clean the site but keeping Earth clean still requires human efforts at every possible scale, right from the start.

What it aims at doing?

Why look for a solution of the problem that can be avoided right from the start. It takes efforts to solve problems but sometimes we just love to complain. This tool aims at avoiding complaints and raising awareness regarding carelessness for Earth, so any problem can be avoided from building up right from the start.

Remember, before solving the problem, it is really important to be aware of it to its full scale.

Mind your Earth app available on Play Store