How to go about searching for Tech jobs — Part 1 — Start-Ups

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Searching for jobs can be very frustrating. Those who’ve already been through this process know how hard it becomes at times to get interview calls from companies.

Thus in this two-part series, I’ll tell you how to go about searching for tech jobs from my own experience. This is part 1 of the series. If you’re looking for a job in a startup then this article will be helpful for you.

Before even jumping into the ways that I found effective, let’s understand what a startup company is, why you should consider working in a startup, and also things to consider before joining a startup.

What is a StartUp?

For those, who don’t know, startups are companies that are in their initial stages of business and in the process of making it scalable. In other terms, they’re relatively small companies with less employee strength, assets, and revenue as compared to big tech companies.

What made me eligible to talk about this?

I’m a Software Engineer, currently working at Google India. I started my career in a start-up called 123Stores based out of Kolkata, India. I worked there for a year and a half before I moved to Flipkart. So, I’ve kind of witnessed the startup culture.

Why working for a startup can be a good option for you?

Even though startups are relatively small in size, working in a startup can be very beneficial for your career. As a software engineer, here you not only get to work and experiment with different cutting edge technologies but also get to build products from scratch which enhances your learning curve.

On the other hand, you get to see the direct impact you’re creating on your customers. As engineers, we all build things to solve problems, contribute towards making our life easier and better. While working in a startup, you directly get to witness that. Apart from the technical aspect, it teaches you the true meaning of ownership and allows you to make decisions on several big aspects.

If you ask me, I feel every college graduate should begin their tech career in a startup keeping the learning aspect in mind, but again that’s a personal opinion.

Please note, I’m not saying that you don’t get all these in a big company. I’m just trying to highlight the positive side of working in a startup.

Things to remember before you consider working in a startup?

After reading the previous section, if you’re all energized to join a start-up, I feel I should talk about some not-so-positive side also.

Startup cultures are mostly fast-paced. It’s obvious because they have a small number of employees in place and also to get an edge over their competitors, they need to work at a fast pace. Thus if you’re someone who prefers work-life balance over anything, you better research about the startup before considering it. Otherwise, work-life balance can be a big issue over time.

On the other hand, many startups don’t even survive in the market for too long, thus creating a risk of job security.

So, before even joining any startup, research that company in detail and consider working if you’re okay with the pace at which they operate.

Though it’s not true for every startup. There are many startups with amazing work cultures in place taking good care of the work-life balance.

Do your research properly.

Effective ways to land an Interview in a startup

Apply on the career portal:

Applying on the career portal may not work that much in the case of many big companies, but it mostly works for startups. The reason is, startups get fewer applications as compared to big companies. But before applying, make sure your skills are aligned with the job description.

Approach HR / Employees of that company:

This is one of the most effective ways to land an interview. Great people know other great people. This is the philosophy behind internal referrals. Thus if you approach other employees or HR of that company, there’s a high chance that they’ll help you land an interview.

One of the best ways to approach is via LinkedIn. I’ve personally got many interview opportunities in startups as well as big companies simply by approaching on LinkedIn.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to be humble while approaching :)


For those who don’t know, AngelList is a great website to search for jobs especially startup jobs.

You’ll find all sorts of startups from 1–10 employees to even 500+ employees. Many of my friends have used this website to land interviews in renowned startups.

Do give it a try and let me know if you find the website helpful.


Another great website is Instahyre. I’ve personally used this website and highly recommend this to everyone searching for jobs.

As far as I know, they use Artificial Intelligence to match candidates with different job openings. I’ve got around 7–8 interview calls from Instahyre within a month of my job search.


So, that’s it for this part. Hope it was helpful in some way.

In the second part, I’ll talk about how to go about searching for job opportunities in big tech companies.

If you wish to contact me, do reach out on LinkedIn.

Till then, stay awesome.



Software Engineer @ Google India | I write about tech, self-development, and life

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Rishab Pan

Software Engineer @ Google India | I write about tech, self-development, and life