GSoC Week 5 & Week 6

Rishav Rakshit
Jul 11, 2019 · 3 min read

This blog post explains the happenings of GSoC Weeks 5 & 6. We look at the modifications made to our API code, our current PR and focus on Sprint #3

GSoC Week 5 called for the first set of evaluations. We expected something huge and daunting, but the first evaluation is kept fairly lightweight with a survey being conducted on your respective mentor, organization and GSoC in general.

While this happened, we shifted our focus to 2 main focus points.

  1. We had just completed coding the ‘Priorities’ component, however, the delete functionality for both ‘Tags’ and ‘Priorities’ components were not working as per order.
  2. Secondly, the code written till now on the OWA side was fairly basic. API base URLs and authentication was hard-coded, the code lacked modularity or efficiency. We had done this mainly to get a MVP going, however now was the time to refactor and optimize the code.

1. Fixing the Delete

2. Optimizing the OWA

Based on the Sprint planning meeting held on 06–07–2019, we are started Sprint #3 from Saturday. This sprint shall have the following duration. We also hope to achieve the following objectives by the end of this sprint -


1 week ( 07–07–2019 to 13–07–2019)


  1. Coding of Services and DTOs — Common services and their usage with DTOs shall minimize the number of API calls that are made in various components by reusing the data fetched for API calls for particular components. Services, independently as makes our code more modular.
  1. Refactoring existing code
  2. Read request URL in order to remove hard coding of REST api base URL
  3. Coding of Patient Flags Component.
  4. Exploring openmrs-react-compoents and style guide integration.

Legend -

- In progress

- Completed

Resources -

  1. PR for work completed till now — Pull Request 2
  2. Sprint SCRUM Board [To monitor progress till now] — Board
  3. OWA distribution zip [For work done till now] — Zip 1
  4. Link to Local Repo (v 3.2.0)GitHub

Rishav Rakshit

Written by

GSoC 2019 @ OpenMRS | I’m a software developer with ❤ for NLP and UIs. You can see my ML & NLP blog here —

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